PAVS are looking for new Trustee Board members – if you know of a suitable person or would like to put yourself forward for co-option onto our Board, please contact the following: sue.leonard@pavs.org.uk or sue.james-davies@pavs.org.uk

This is our temporary site which has been set up to inform our partners, stakeholders and service users of our activity and important information during the COVID-19 crisis. This site is under continuous development and so there will be changes to it fairly regularly.

Our original site is still active and has lots of other information that is not about COVID-19. For details of our full range of services please visit our main site.

PAVS’ Office premises remain closed and PAVS will hold all meetings/training sessions via video conferencing or telephone conferencing links, until further notice.

You can contact PAVS in the normal way via email at enquiries@pavs.org.uk

or by telephone on our main number 01437 769 422 between 10.00 am and 2.00 pm each weekday.

If you wish to contact a member of staff directly, the business mobile numbers for staff can be foundĀ here.

Please be aware if you contact a member of staff directly by telephone or email, you will quite likely be talking to someone working in their home environment and entirely dependent upon their home broadband and / or telephone network coverage in their area. Please be patient with us as this may cause some challenges from time to time.

Page updated June 2021